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Get Control of Your Back Pain Over 10 Weeks

Back pain is the biggest physical ailment in the UK. Don't let it control you. Discover how you can get stronger, healthier and regain confidence in your back again.

I Want To Help You Get Stronger, Fitter and End The Frustration of Back Pain

If you are like many of my clients, over the years you have started to feel more and more niggling pains in your back. The stiffness in the morning, the sudden jolts of pain when you get up, the feeling of weakness that is a constant around your core.

When you experience this it is easy to fall into the trap of it being a normal part of life:

"Its just me getting older"

"Its inevitable Im going to get back pain"

"I just have to accept this is a part of my life now"

Sure, Its normal to get the occasional niggling back pain. But, prolonged, consistent back pain where you gradually get less and less confident in what your body can do is NOT something you want to get used to.


Over 10 Weeks, Discover How You Can Regain Confidence In Your Back

Testimonial - Ian B

Before training with Aaron I hardly ever did any exercise, but I knew I had to do something as I was feeling increasingly unfit and my back pain was becoming more disruptive. Since training with Aaron I have become fitter and stronger, lifting weight I never imagined would be possible.

Aaron made me feel at ease from the start and was very patient throughout the personal training sessions.

Who is This Personal Training For...

✔️ You are a professional who is experiencing niggling back pain.

✔️ You are willing to engage in the personal training sessions and do some exercises outside of the session.

✔️ You recognise if you don't do something about your back pain you is likely to get worse over time.

✔️ You are open minded that back pain ISN'T permanent

Aaron Morton Training

Testimonial - Henry R

I have had back issues for years and had multiple sessions with Chiropractors. Whilst they were helpful my back still didn't feel strong. After training with Aaron, my back feels more upright, mobile and, more importantly, much stronger.

As a result of training with Aaron, I feel a lot more confident in my back, long journeys in the car are not the traumatic experience they once were and Aaron has provided me with the tools to ensure I continue to have a strong back and core.

PT Package Overview

✔️ Free Movement assessment to highlight areas that can make your back more vulnerable to problems.

✔️ 10 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions using my 5 pillars model for helping back pain.

✔️ 2 deep tissue massage sessions to be taken over the 10 weeks.

✔️ Guidance of what you can do outside of the sessions to improve your body even further.

Get this package for:


About Aaron Morton

Aaron Morton has trained busy professionals from a wide array of industries to get them stronger, fitter and healthier.

He is known for helping people with little to no experience in exercise and getting them to become confident about what to do and more knowledgeable about the potential for their brain and body health.

Aaron takes a holistic, systems approach to personal training so brings in knowledge from the areas of psychology, nutrition and behaviour science to provide a more rounded service and better results.

✔︎ Sport Science Degree
✔︎ Nutritionist
✔︎ Hypnotherapy & NLP Master Practitioner
✔︎ Personal trainer for over 10 years 

Are you ready to get stronger with less back pain?.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the Personal training take place?

The personal training can either be done at your home (location permitted) or at a private personal training facility in Maindy, near Whitchurch Road. The massage sessions will be conducted in a facility close to Whitchurch.


Im new to exercise. Will that matter?

I have trained a large number of people who a new or novices to exercise. I believe everyone can learn and build an exercise habit and in our sessions I will show you how to get your body strong and fit in the right way.


Can I space the sessions out?

Due to the nature of progression and physical adaptation, I request that the 10 sessions are used within 12 weeks of the first session.


Will the sessions affect the other sport I do?

No, if anything the training will improve your sport performance. I train a number of people who engage in a sport activity such as golf, tennis and football. All of them have remarked how their performance has improved.


Aaron Morton Training

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