Claire B Home Training Workout

Focus: Overall Fitness, Strength and Hip Mobility

Week Commencing: 12th May 2020

Start all workouts with 3-5 minutes of mobility. Click on the link on the right to go to the mobility drills page.

This Weeks Challenge:

100 Bridges a day

You pass if you complete it at least 4 of the 7 days

This Weeks Workout

EMOM 5 Minutes (EMOM = Every minute on the minute. You do the exercise set and what is left of the minute is your rest period. Start the next set on the minute.)

15 KB Swings  
10 Squats 

EMOM 5 minutes
12 Plank Pull 
20 Mountain Climbers


30s x 2 (30 seconds of one exercise & then go straight onto the next exercise)
Star Jumps
BW Lunge

30s x 2
Rotation planks
High Knees

Last Weeks Workout

1) Complex 1
single arm cleans, single arm squats, overhead press, KB swings

8 reps of each side - 3 sets

2) Complex 2
Bridge Chest Press, Bridge pullover, Bridge, Leg Raise

12 reps of each - 3 sets

3) Tabata (20sec on 10sec rest x 8)

1 Hop Squats & Crab Bridge

2 Bent Over Row & Bear Craw Plank Tap

3 Star Jump & Forward Lunge