October 27

Episode 10 – Reasons you remain overweight


As a busy professional you have a lot going on (0:14)

  • It’s often health that gets kicked to the curb.
    • Not intentionally, it’s easy to miss something that deteriorates little by little.
  • One of the biggest markers people often use to indicate quality of health is weight, or at least how overweight we look.
  • On a fundamental level weight should have very little influence on quality of work performance, however there are a number of factors that lead directly to influencing work performance.
    • Musculoskeletal problems such as back and knee pain.
    • Changes in energy levels in the cases where it’s coupled with sugar intake.

While it doesn’t always lead to greater confidence, you can find many benefits in reducing weight levels (1:51)

  • 95% of people who attempt to lose weight end up pulling it back again.
  • It’s true to an extent; We are lousy at keeping off lost weight.
  • But it doesn’t have to be like that; You have to be aware of two things:
    • The strategy you go about it.
    • The common roadblocks that keep people in the 95% range.

Reason 1 to why people remain overweight (02:50)

  • You’re not in a calorie deficit.
    • This can happen when your metabolism slows down as you lose weight (Adaptive thermogenesis)
    • You start eating more than you think and enter a calorie surplus
    • Tracking calories should not be forever; Just enough to get used to the visual representation of food within a calorie deficit.
    • People change their diet either explicitly, by following a food plan, or implicitly, by subtly changing the way they eat
    • Aaron gives three ways to change calorie intake

Reason 2 (06:20)

  • Stress and poor sleep
    • Two areas where poor sleep can affect weight gain
      • Hormonal responses
      • Decision making
    • Aaron mentions a study that outlines how poor sleep had a direct effect on people’s meal choices
    • When decision making is affected, we often make poor quality choices when it comes to food.
    • Aaron refers back to Episode 4, which covers stress management.

Reason 3 (11:40)

  • Continual self-sabotage
    • Secondary gain
      • In therapy, it’s the idea that despite wanting to change something, it can also fulfill a benefit.
      • It’s generally subconscious and a perception.
    • For example: A person might think that staying overweight will protect them from the heartbreak of being dumped.
    • In this case it’s less about attempting to lose weight and more about exploring the psychology and feelings.

Conclusion (13:42)

  • Everyone is capable of losing weight
  • It takes a holistic approach rather than looking at it from one angle.


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