September 23

Episode 7 – 2 Additions you can make to your next work out


In today’s episode of ‘Work Proof your Brain and Body”, personal trainer Aaron Morton takes a look at what one can do to improve their core strength – and in turn will help reduce several pain points within day to day life.

Work Proof your Brain and body: Two easy ways you can improve your core stability:

  • As a personal trainer, Aaron says that he always hears that people want to improve on their core.
  • Sit-ups are one of the worst things you can do for core strength.

What is core stability and why is it beneficial?

  • Stability is the capacity to have control in the presence of change, and is instantaneous integrity in the presence of your full range emotion.
  • You need to keep a solid structure by your spine whilst you work on your core. 
  • Aaron works with busy professionals of all ages and often hears that they would like to improve their core and lose weight.
  • If you have a feeling of weakness in your lower back, this is a very common symptom, and is a sign that you might need to work on your core.

What are the benefits of a strong core?

  • A strong core can help prevent injuries such as back pain, and plays a factor in how you experience pain.
  • A strong core can help within your sport, as it can help your joints stay in place. 

How do you improve your core stability:

  • Focus on your breathing, breathing from the chest can help prevent tight shoulder and neck muscles.
  • Anti-movement can help you to hold yourself in place in the presence of pressure. There are 3 forms of anti movement: anteflexion, antirotation, and anti-extension.


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