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Your Body Is Far More Capable Than You Think

In 3 months you can be stronger, leaner and more confident in your body.

As a personal trainer I’ve worked with a lot of people. Many of these fitted the following criteria:

  • Their work involves a lot of sitting down
  • They’ve noticed their body getting more niggling pains and generally feeling weaker
  • They attribute this to aging

Let me tell you straight from the get-go: Its nothing to do with aging!

Although I was fit for my age at the time (60) I asked him to improve my strength so that I could maintain my position in current hockey teams. I have to say I was surprised at the results achieved and it has enabled me to stand out amongst my teammates. His knowledge not just of the body but also diet and other related subjects has been a real bonus” – T.Brothers

The pattern tends to go like this:

> You get a prompt that you need to get fitter. This can be your clothes getting tighter or feeling slightly out of breath more often.

> You go running or join a gym and find yourself on a treadmill sweating for 20 minutes

> Your body feels the brunt of it and you develop a twinge in your knee

> You tell yourself, this must be what getting older feels like.

I want to show you another way. A way that my clients have found got them better results and a noticeable difference in their body. I regularly hear comments like:

I haven’t felt that back pain at work in months”

I’m thinking of entering into the 10k now, I think I can do it

I feel so much stronger in my body

I have 3 slots remaining in my schedule to work with me for the next 3 months. To learn more about it fill in your details here:

The Process

When you decide to have personal training with me you will have a movement assessment in our first session. This will be to see if there are any glaring issues we need to work on.

We will then have a weekly session where you will engage in a variety of resistance based exercises, each at varying levels of intensity to ensure you are progressing well.

You will be given workouts to do at home that will enhance the success you get from the sessions.

Interested? What to do next

“I went to Aaron for personal training following an injury to my knee. Aaron took me through a variety of exercises that strengthened my body, reducing the pain and regained the ability to bend my knee. I am so pleased because I finally feel confident enough with my knee to start running again!” – C.Hart

I have 3 slots remaining in my schedule to work with me. If you want to see how you can get stronger, leaner and fitter over the next 3 months express your interest by filling out your details below.

I will get to you asap with the next step

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Aaron Morton – Your Personal Trainer

Aaron Morton is the Director of Aaron Morton Training Ltd. For the last 7 years Aaron has helped busy professionals to upgrade their health.

Working with a large number of Lawyers and business owners, Aaron was able to help them overcome the effects of deskbound work including lower back pain and decreasing fitness levels.

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