Fat Loss Freedom

Most Lose Weight & Regain It Again. Fat Loss Freedom is 6 weeks Group Training designed For Sustainable Weight Loss  

"I'm motivated to do more exercise and activities than I've done in a decade". - David W

How To Get Lean, Strong & End Emotional Eating For Good Over 6 Weeks

Hi, I’m Aaron and for the last 7 years I have helped busy people get control of their weight. Over that time I have heard all the frustrations that come with being overweight and wanting to be slimmer;

“I know what I need to do but I don’t seem to do it” “I try to be good but then find myself eating rubbish” “I just can’t seem to find the motivation” “I don’t have any willpower”

Can you relate to these statements?

I am constantly working with clients who desperately want to lose weight but continually find themselves back on the yo-yo diet cycle. You may be familiar with the cycle:

People can be on the diet cycle their whole life. In fact, according to a YouGov study they found 1 in 5 woman have been on at least 5 diets and regained while many have been on at least 20 diets.

Here’s the Kicker; All Diets Work!

Its true, all diets do what they say they are going to do; aid weight loss. But here’s the thing, the results tend to be short term and over time the weight comes back again.  

This means adopting a different approach.

Introducing Fat Loss Freedom

Fat Loss Freedom is a 6 week group training programme designed to give you everything you need to lose weight efficiently.  

However, the most important aspect of the programme that makes it different from others is it gives you the tools and insights needed to keep the lost weight off long term.  

2 of the most common frustrations I hear from people trying to lose weight is;  

“I know what to do I just don’t seem to do it” “I’m so confused and need support”

Fat Loss Freedom eases those 2 frustrations and more. When you sign up to the programme you get:

What Makes Fat Loss Freedom Different?

Before going on Fat Loss Freedom you may have tried many times to lose weight previously. You may have even done similar group weight loss experiences.

So what makes Fat Loss Freedom different?


Over the 6 weeks, while you are doing whats required to lose weight, you are also setting the scene for making your weight loss sustainable. 

The extreme example of what typically happens is 'the biggest loser'. On the show the contestants shed an enormous amount of weight while they are on the show. What the show doesn't tell you is many past contestants regain the weight again. One of the previous contestants quipped "there's a reason they don't do reunion shows"?

There are 3 areas we will be focussing on to increase your chances of sustainable weight loss:

1. Psychology - How you can have the beliefs, values and identity that are in tune with your slimmer figure

2. Environment - How you can be aware of the environmental cues that invite overeating

3. Reduce your S.O.D.I.T moments - These are the areas where people consistently say "Sod it" and fall back into old eating patterns

I’ve lost that stone of fat, put on a decent slab of muscle, my flexibility is greatly improved and I’m motivated to do more exercise and activities than I’ve done in a decade.” – David W

Who Is Fat Loss Freedom For?

This programme is for you if:

✔︎ You have a history of being frustrated about your weight. ✔︎ You want to be leaner, feel stronger and be fitter. ✔︎ You want to eliminate the confusion around exactly how to lose weight AND keep it off. ✔︎ You want more focus and motivation around what you need to do to lose weight.

This programme is NOT for you if:

X You are after instant results. X You like being a yo-yo dieter. X You are not prepared to change your psychology.

"Aaron has been my personal trainer for a few years now. I have lost several stone and become much fitter and healthier under his guidance. His training sessions aren’t just body focused but also mind and diet and attitude".

Richard J


When putting together Fat Loss Freedom I wanted to make it as accessable as I could for you. This is why I wanted to make the price as affordable as I could. 

As a result you get the following:

✔︎ 1 Group training session a week for 6 weeks

✔︎ Home workout/movement routines provided to supplement the training

✔︎ Full nutritional advice and strategy to ensure you lose weight well and fit with your lifestyle.

✔︎ Mind exercises to help create your environment for sustainable weight loss

✔︎ Unlimited email access to me for additional suport

✔︎ A digital copy of my book 'Fat Loss Fundamentals' to help clear away the confusion and myths around weight loss.

Interested? What Happens Next..

I'm not going to lie. Whilst this programme WON'T take over your life, one thing I've learnt after 7 years of personal training is; whilst many WANT to lose weight not everyone is READY to do so.

As a result I want to make sure you are completely ready for sustainable weight loss. When you signal your willingness to take part by filling in your details below;

1. I will instantly send you a questionnaire telling me a little more about your goals and the most convenient times for you to train.

2. After I receive your completed questionnaire, we will arrange a short phone call so we can connect and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

3. If we both agree Fat Loss Freedom is right for you, we will arrange our first session and I will send you an information pack that you will need to get up to speed with before your first session.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not very fit, am I suitable?

Absolutely. Although you will be part of a group of no more than 3, you will go at your own pace. The benefit of small groups is you get group support and also the assistence of me helping you with technique. 

I've failed in the past because I have a busy work life. Would this still work for me?

Yes. Although within the structure of your busy work life there will be patterns that contribute to failing continually in the past, the programme is geared towards finding a way of eating and moving that fits within your lifestyle. For example, some of my clients who have busy work lifes choose to have only 2 meals a day, whilst others eat less during the week (when working) which provides them with a buffer to eat more at weekends.

The secret to sustainable weight loss is finding a way that works for you and your life. Fat Loss Freedom seeks to do that.

Is the exercise highly intense?

The exercise is geared in a way that you determine the intensity specific for you. Whilst I challenge you, the group training caters for all by having formats where you are in control of how intense you work.

Will you be giving us a meal plan?

This is the paradox of sustainable weight loss. Other programmes give you 2 week meal plans, 28 day meal plans but be honest with yourself; Did they work for sustainable weight loss? 9 times out of 10 the answer is NO. I want you to have sustainable weight loss which means focussing more on principles rather than specific meals.

The Venue

When we meet for group training it will take place at Cardiff PT studio. The studio is ONLY for PT clients which means the only people in there are people just like you; having personal training wanting to improve their health & fitness. This means it is NOTHING like a gym environment where some get intimidated or have to endure the grunting weight lifter! 

Cardiff PT Studio, 135 Maindy Rd, Cardiff CF24 4HN

map cardiff pt studi

About Aaron Morton

Aaron Morton has spent the last 7 years helping people get lean, strong and overcoming emotional eating. 

With a degree in Sport Science, 7 years working with clients as a personal trainer and qualified as a hypnotherapist, Aaron provides a comprehensive approach to getting results.  

Aaron uses the latest findings in psychology, nutrition and strength & conditioning to provide clients with tools and strategies to get the best results they can get while building habits to create ongoing progress in their life.