James W

James W Home Training Workout

Focus: Overall Fitness, Strength and mobility

Week Commencing: 1st June 2020

Start all workouts with 3-5 minutes of mobility. Click on the link on the right to go to the mobility drills page.

This Weeks Challenge:

100 Backward Lunges a day

You pass if you complete it at least 4 of the 7 days

This Weeks Workout

10 Slow Eccentric Squat 
10 Backward Lunge 2 Side Lunge 
10 SA Floor Chest Press 
10 Bridge March 
10 Frog Squat 

8 Reverse crunch  
10 Alternate touch 
12 Bicycle Kicks 
14 Plank Tap 
16 Plank Leg Raise 
20s Full Plank

Last Weeks Workout

300 workout

50 Hop Squat 
50 Swings 
50 Plank Taps 
50 Bicycle crunches 
50 star jumps 
50 Bent Over Row 

20s side plank 
20s main plank 
20s main plank
20s side plank

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