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I Help You Lose Belly Fat By Getting Stronger & Fitter.

If You’re Tired of Joint Pain, Weight Gain & Feeling like age is beating you, Read on…

Hey, I’m Aaron and I help busy professionals upgrade their health and regain their fitness.

As Seen

Is this you?

“I wake up every day and feel pain in my back. I look in the mirror and see my waistline is getting wider. All I can think about is my fitness getting worse as each year passes”

This is what I hear from my clients all the time. These feelings build up until worry and fear sets in on whether your health is going to continue to get worse.

As your personal trainer in Cardiff I help you change course

and get you fitter, stronger & healthier than ever!

Why Personal Training?

“I went to Aaron for personal training following an injury to my knee. Before we started I was unable to bend my knee fully into a lunge position which was frustrating because I wanted to get back to running. In the PT sessions, Aaron took me through a variety of exercises that strengthened my body, reducing the pain and regained the ability to bend my knee. I am so pleased because I finally feel confident enough with my knee to start running again!” – Caroline. H (Lawyer)

You, like others in Cardiff, will decide to get a personal trainer for a variety of reasons. Over the last 7 years I have had clients who:

  • Want To lose weight and increase their fitness
  • Wish to strengthen their body and eliminate knee & back pain from years of sitting down at work
  • Have a desire to run a 10k and/or half marathon
  • To increase their core stability

Now I want to help you achieve your goal!

Personal Trainer Cardiff

“I began working with Aaron in Oct 2015 following a prolonged period of back pain. Aaron trained me with a programme consisting of various resistance, balance and flexibility exercises. Over the last 12 months my back pain has reduced considerably and I have been able to shift my focus to general conditioning and sport specific exercises”. – David G (Bank Of Ireland)

Personal Trainer in Cardiff – Cost vs. Value

When you are looking for a personal trainer in Cardiff, picking the right one can be challenging.

I am here to tell you, at Aaron Morton Training I am not the most expensive nor the cheapest! However, my promise to you is you will receive the highest standard of personal training in Cardiff at an affordable price.

As your personal trainer, whether we are training at your home or in the studio, you will train your body in a way that gets it stronger, fitter with noticeably more core stability.

Using a combination of bodyweight, dumbbells, Kettlebells, weighted vest and thera-band exercises you will be more confident in your body & its capabilities than ever.

I help you create what I call ‘everyday strength’. You won’t win a powerlifting competition with me, but you will:

  • Feel stronger than you have ever felt.
  • Reignite the primal movements that we unlearn through life like squats, hip hinge, crawling and many more.
  • Have a noticeable difference in how mobile your joints feel and how stable your body feels.
  • Condition your muscles to be leaner (note: must be complemented with nutrition).

The Personal Training Process

Personal Trainer Cardiff

Whether you are coming for weight loss, fitness or eliminating joint pain the personal training does not start until I conduct a thorough & comprehensive movement assessment.

This lets me know how your body moves, where the weak areas are that need to be strengthened and how best to train you.

You get the best results in personal training when your body works efficiently. This assessment shows me what I need to know so you get a completely personalised, tailored service (Note: If weight loss is your goal, this assessment will also include a 1 week food diary analysis).

We will then begin the personal training where you will experience a variety of exercises on a weekly basis. I will also ask you to do a series of exercises at home to compliment the training we do.

This Personal Training Is For You If:

  • You are really ready to make a change to your body and fitness.
  • You have tried doing it on your own in the past, but now need a bit of guidance.
  • You recognise how increasing your health benefits all areas of your life.

This Personal Training is NOT for You If:

  • You are only interested in finding the cheapest personal trainer you can get.
  • You are not prepared to do anything different outside of the session.


Aaron Morton Personal Training in Cardiff – How To Apply

To apply for personal training in Cardiff  fill in the short form below. At this stage it is not a guarantee we will work together as we have to see if we are a right fit. So even if you are still haven’t made up your mind completely it is worth completing the form below.

Once I receive your details I will contact you for a short phone call to give you an opportunity to ask me any questions and for me to ask you any further questions.

I want to make this the easiest possible decision for you to have personal training with Aaron Morton Training. I have created two options for training venues:

  1. The comfort of your own home. Yes, I will come to you and train you ‘in-house’, in your own home. You have the space, I have the equipment! (note: This is only available if you are within a 10 mile radius of Cathays including;
    1. Cardiff Bay
    2. Llandaff
    3. Pontcanna
    4. Roath
    5. Radyr.
  2. From a StudioStretchy Suzie’s Yoga Studio in Cathays, Cardiff Pilates Studio in Canton or The Whitchurch Clinic in Whitchurch

 Its Time To Make A Change With Your Body.

6 months from now you could go through your day full of confidence in your body. You’ll feel fitter, your clothes will feel looser and every movement will be easier.

But for this to happen, you must take action!

Fill in the form below to get started and I’ll get back to you within the hour

None of your details will be given to 3rd parties.

About Your Trainer

Personal Trainer Cardiff


Aaron Morton is the owner of Aaron Morton Training. For the last 7 years he has helped busy professionals get fit and upgrade their health. With his experience both personal training and through therapy and coaching, Aaron helps provide physical, psychological & nutritional solutions to the challenges people face in being as healthy as they can be.

Aaron’s belief that you have to treat the body as a system means the training you receive draws elements from the latest findings in health & neuroscience findings as well as the latest fitness research.