Sylvia H

Sylvia H Home Training Workout

Focus: Overall Fitness & Mobility

Week Commencing: 23rd March 2020

Start all workouts with 3-5 minutes of mobility. Click on the link on the right to go to the mobility drills page. 

This weeks Workout

Slow Eccentric Squat 4sec down/1sec hold/1sec up - 3sets/8reps

Backward Lunge 2 Side Lunge - 3sets/10reps (Aim to keep your spine vertical and your head directly above your hips throughout whole movement).

SA Floor Chest Press - 3sets/12reps (Throughout whole movement keep your forearm vertical. The weight should never touch your torso)

Bridge March - 3sets/20reps

Frog Squat - 3sets/8reps - (Keep your back straight and should feel your hamstrings, back of legs, at the top part of the movement)

Last Weeks Workout

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