Special Offer For Stretchy Suzie Community

Special offer from an experienced personal trainer new to the area!

Hi, I’m Aaron and for the last 6 years I have helped clients in Bristol get fit, strong and less injury prone.

I have helped clients with a wide range of needs:

  • Taking clients with knee & back pain and training them to their personal best in running.
  • Training desk bound professionals to being fitter, slimmer and pain free.
  • Helping a 70 year old to be strong & mobile to power up the hills of his walking holidays.

I am new to Cardiff and am pleased to be training clients from the Stretchy Suzie studio. I want to launch with a special offer to everyone in the Stretchy Suzie community to experience 6 weeks of personal training with me.

Offer 1: one2one personal training for 6wks – £150 (equivalent to £25 a session instead of £35)

Offer 2: “Train with a friend” personal training for 6wks – £120 each (equivalent to £20 a session instead of £35).

Using a range of equipment such as Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Weighted vest and Therabands you will fully experience what your body is capable of!

How Does It Work?

  1. If you are interested in taking advantage of this special offer, fill in the form below to express your interest.
  2. In the first session I will conduct a comprehensive movement assessment that shows me exactly how your body moves, highlighting where your weak area are and your injury hot spots (this is vital whether your goal is to lose weight or get strong).
  3. Based on these results and your goals I train you in a way that is specific and tailor made for YOU! No generic templates!

This personal training will be a fantastic addition to any yoga training you are doing.

Interested? Let’s get started.