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Battle ropes the unsung hero of fitness

Battle ropes, those who know them can appreciate just how good they are as a piece of exercise equipment. 

They are popular with many personal trainers like me because they provide excellent all-over workouts, and the more muscles worked, the more calories can be burned, resulting in faster changes.

Also, once a client is a few sessions in, they can see the improvement in their endurance as their body adapts to the demands of the ropes.

Aaron Morton Personal trainer Cardiff

Why are battle ropes so good for workouts?

You can perform various exercises when working out with Battle Ropes, and these activate key muscles alongside the main muscle groups. In addition, each practice utilises primary and secondary muscles, allowing you to isolate essential muscle groups while toning those around them. This exercise is, therefore, beneficial when working with clients looking to achieve specific goals.  

Can beginners use battle ropes? 

Yes, beginners can use battle ropes. We will limit the amount of exercise you complete and then change this to suit your development over time. Battle ropes are simple to use and are great for getting results. Battle ropes are used for beginners and more experienced clients by Personal Trainers like me and also by Gyms. Commitment to the ropes at first is tough.

Do battle ropes burn belly fat?

Yes, both directly and indirectly. While situps can help tone and burn some belly fat, the best way to remove belly fat is to exercise in a calorie deficit. This means that you are burning more calories than you are consuming. Exercise will remove fat from your body and belly. Battle ropes work on your core, primarily because when using them, you brace hard through the abdomen, back and thighs.

Bracing this way builds muscle under tension and assists in burning fat; however, as mentioned, the main reason battle ropes work so well is that they burn calories from multiple muscles all at once, optimising training time and results.

Seven reasons you need battle ropes in your training. 

OneThey raise heart rate and provide fantastic cardio benefits, quickly improving your overall fitness. Improving blood flow, breathing and strength. 

Two They use multiple muscles at once, giving compounded benefits. These benefits work to give superb efficiency in training. Maximum output in short bursts across a selection of exercises makes for an exciting and engaging workout. 

Three They can be used in the garden or attached to existing equipment to provide an anchor, so set-up is quick and straightforward for any level of user.  

Four They are easy to store in a cupboard or outside space, making them more convenient than larger racks and cross trainers for example.

Five Repetition provides tone, and tone brings definition, which is incredibly encouraging for clients who will see results more quickly before getting the fitness bug that drives them toward their larger fitness goals. 

SixRopes are value for money, meaning there is no massive outlay if you are considering equipment costs this year. This is now more important than ever. 

SevenYou’d struggle to wear them out. The ropes are normally made from nylon with rubber sleeve grips, which will last forever, so not only are they efficient, well-priced and effective, but they also don’t wear out or break, so there are no parts to replace. 

Personal Trainer Cardiff Aaron Morton

Would you like to discuss a battle rope workout? 

If you want to try a heroic battle rope session to shred calories ready for the summer, use the form on our contact page. I will make arrangements with you and bring my Mirafit Battle Rope. 

Rope sessions are fantastic, and many of my clients love them because they are different and challenging. 

Get in touch with me to start your fitness journey and for help with nutrition. There is always a right time to decide, no matter what time of year.


Battle ropes

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