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I Can Help You In 2 Ways

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Nutrition Consultancy
Get your nutrition right to increase health & end yo-yo dieting

Looking For a Personal Trainer In Cardiff?

Personal Training To Get You Fitter & Leaner With Renewed Confidence In What Your Body Can Do

Whatever your reason, I want to help you achieve it.

I help busy people get fitter, stronger and slimmer. I do this by providing the environment where they can progress and enjoy what they are doing.

I don’t scream at you military style until you’re sweating in a ball making a mental note not to come again. We go at your own pace, progressing each week while developing renewed confidence in what your body can do.

"I began working with Aaron in Oct 2015 following a prolonged period of back pain. Aaron trained me with a programme consisting of various resistance, balance and flexibility exercises. Over the last 12 months my back pain has reduced considerably and I have been able to shift my focus to general conditioning and sport specific exercises". - David G (Bank Of Ireland)

3 Reasons To Choose Aaron Morton Training

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Over 8 years experience personal training focussing on training the brain & body together for more sustainable health & fitness

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You will experience first class client care, along with all the resources you need to continue working on your goal outside of the session (e.g exercise and nutritional resources)

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Sessions that focus on variety and progress done at an intensity of your choosing. We go at your pace and progress each session.

I've been training with Aaron for some 6 months with a goal of improving my running speed. The sessions are fun and varied and I have improved my strength and speed considerably. I have been amazed by the results thus far. Aaron is a safe pair of hands and is patient and mindful of your health and safety at all times" - Helen. W

Achieving health & fitness goals isn't always easy. It involves habit change and support when inevitable setbacks occur.
I want to help you avoid the common mistakes and provide a roadmap to help you reach your goal;
More confident in what your body can do

How To Apply For Personal Training

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To apply for personal training in Cardiff fill in the short form below. Look at your email inbox as you will be sent an instant email with a short questionnaire about your goals for personal training.

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Once I receive your details I will contact you for a short phone call to give you an opportunity to ask me any questions and for me to ask you any further questions. We will discuss price and if you are happy to proceed, we will arrange your FREE session.

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To have personal training,I have created two options for training venues:
> The comfort of your own home. Yes, I will come to you and train you 'in-house', in your own home. You have the space, I have the equipment! (note: This is only available if you are within a 2 mile radius of Cathays including; Cardiff Bay, Llandaff, Pontcanna, Roath
> From a Studio: Cardiff Personal Training Studio, 135 Maindy Rd, Cardiff CF24 4HN.

Its Time To Make A Change With Your Body

At the beginning of the personal training process I will give you a free digital copy of my book ‘Fat Loss Fundamentals’. You will also get free access to a 6 week online home workout programme.

Throughout our time together you will get nutritional guidance and unlimited support via email and text to help you towards your goals.

6 months from now you could go through your day full of confidence in your body. You'll feel fitter, your clothes will feel looser and every movement will be easier.

But for this to happen, you must take action!

Aaron is a fantastic personal trainer and coach.  I was referred to him to help me rehabilitate a shoulder imbalance and adductor injury.  Aaron designed a great program I could work on with him in the gym and on my own at home and it allowed me to return to playing sport competitively and keep active - Jermaine S

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Money Back Guarantee

I want you to get the most out of your time when personal training.

In the very rare occasion you change your mind within our first month of training, I will refund 100% of your first month payment.

This means you can begin personal training risk free!

About Your Trainer

You're very patient"
"I chose you because your website said you wouldn't beast me"
"You just looked like weren't a kn%b"

These are 3 descriptions from my current clients on why they chose me over other personal trainers. I would say they are fairly accurate!

Over the 8 years training clients after studying sport science, I have learnt to train every client to their specific personalities. Each client is different and I train you so you feel comfortable, progressing and enjoying the session.

I do not beast my clients military style. I recognise you may have an aching back, a weak shoulder or a tight neck and we work to strengthen the body as a whole to help ease these areas.

Notable qualifications:
Degree Sport Science
REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
Qualified Nutritionist
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner
Qualified Hypnotherapist

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