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What To Eat Can Be A Minefield – It Doesn't Have To Be For You

Berries for your health.

How many diets have you been on?

How many articles have you read about carbs being bad and then reading another saying carbs are good?

Do you think you have a poor relationship with food?

Would you like to change your approach? Welcome to Nutrition Wise by Aaron Morton Training

For the last 8 years I have worked as a personal trainer seeing clients who frequently are confused by the whole area of what to eat, how much to eat, what’s good, what’s bad.

There are 2 circumstances where nutrition can be altered;

1 – If you are overweight, dieted on and off for years and really want to get a handle on your eating.

2 – If there is a health issue (such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol) where altering your nutrition can be beneficial.

Change Your Nutrition in 3 Steps

No1 Aaron Morton training

Examine & change your psychology around nutrition & your beliefs around it

No2 Aaron Morton Training

Change your strategy around your habitual eating patterns

No3 Aaron Morton Training

Forget about it when new habits are in place & get on with your life

Most people are oblivious to step 1, focus on step 2 temporarily and never reach step 3. This is why so many problems with eating occur.

I want to change this for you.

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What you can expect from Nutrition ​​​Wise

I take a systems view of nutrition. This means we start with a blank piece of paper.

We start with what you are looking to achieve (weight loss, better relationship with food, reverse type 2 diabetes, lower cholesterol etc)

In our first session we lay it all out; thoughts, beliefs, priorities, potential roadblocks, foods you like, foods you don’t etc.

By the end of the session you will have a game plan of how to proceed.

Mid way through our agreed time period we will have another session where we will update your progress and discuss any changes that need to happen with your game plan.

Who Is Nutrition Wise For?

✔︎ You are a regular dieter and want to lose weight & end the diet cycle for good

✔︎ You have a health condition and want to improve with the help of nutrition (‘Reversing’ type-2 diabetes, lowering cholesterol etc)

Who Nutrition Wise is Not For

✔︎ Someone who isn’t prepared to change their psychology or eating habits.

✔︎ Someone who is after exercise (The PT package is more for you

✔︎ If you have an eating disorder


Single Session

For those that just need a kickstart



  • Single 90 minute session
  • Go away with a full game plan of how to improve your nutrition
  • The chance to ask all your nutrition questions

About Aaron Morton

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Aaron Morton is a personal trainer and Nutritionist who helps clients become healthy from both a psychological & nutritional perspective. By working with clients both as a personal trainer and a coach, he has been able to see that you can’t achieve success in being the weight you desire and healthy by just focussing on nutrition and/or physical training alone. Using the latest tools in psychology, neuroscience and nutritional science, Aaron provides clients with a more complete system of being slim & healthy permanently.

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