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Welcome and congratulations on making the first step to improving your health & fitness.

This is how most of my clients feel before they start personal training with me;

You’re busy, you’ve got a number of commitments in life, but you can’t help noticing your health & fitness is on a downward curve.  

Your clothes are feeling tighter, your joints are aching more and you dread to think how you’d feel if you went for a run.  

Can you relate to this?

Well, I’m sorry to say, all that is likely to get worse…unless you start doing something different

personal training

Make This A Lifestyle Change Not A Temporary Fix

When you have Personal training you are have a scheduled session each week where I help improve your health & fitness goals. 

I help alter your lifestyle without compromising your other commitments in your life.  

I know you’re busy, so I also provide you with a quick routines you can do at home to complement your training.

I help you with your nutrition without having to completely overhaul your life. Too often people are told to follow meal plans without changing the habits around how you choose food. I help you change those habits.

Helen W


I've been training with Aaron for some 6 months with a goal of improving my running speed. The sessions are fun and varied and I have improved my strength and speed considerably. I have been amazed by the results thus far. Aaron is a safe pair of hands and is patient and mindful of your health and safety at all times".

4 Reasons To Have Me As Your Personal Trainer

Kettlebell, Aaron Morton Training

Over 8 years experience

Working with client of all experience levels from 18-80 years old. Whether you have a bad back & little exercise experience or want to run a 10K I can help.

clipboard, Aaron Morton Personal Training

Full Help & Support Outside The Session.

We achieve your goal together. You will get every help you need outside the session to complement the training you do in the session. This means nutritional guidance, exercise routines to do at home and unlimited support via text and email.

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YOU set the pace

I do not scream at you to push out a rep while you crawl into a ball of sweat. I train you at a pace you are comfortable with. I create a enjoyable, non-judgemental environment for you to succeed.

Non-Commercial Gym Environment

The Studio you will train from is ONLY for personal training, meaning no gym members. The only people training will be other having personal training.

Tim B

Managing Director

"Although I was fit for my age at the time (60) I asked Aaron to improve my strength so that I could maintain my position in current hockey teams. I was surprised at the results achieved and it has enabled me to stand out amongst my teammates. His knowledge not just of the body but also diet and other related subjects has been a real bonus and we have had many discussions on many topics!"

What You Can Expect From Personal Training

Training before or this is your first time, I want to provide the best experience for you possible. This starts with a FREE first session to give you the opportunity to see whether working with me is what you are looking for.

Ongoing, we will have sessions each week gradually progressing at a pace you are comfortable with. We will discuss what you want to work towards and I will monitor your progress as we train.

For real change to occur you must make behavioural & mindset changes outside the session. I will give you everything you need to make this as smooth as possible;

  • I will give you online access to a personalised 6 week block exercise plan you can do at home. All workouts on the plan last less than 20 minutes so they fit with your busy lifestyle.     
  • I will help you make small food changes so you can get leaner & healthier without having to overhaul your life.
  • I will provide unlimited support via Whatsapp and email when you need it

Money Back Guarantee

When you start training, You’ll be working to get your body strong, fit and lean. But, that doesn’t mean you’re locked into anything.  

If after the first month of training you don’t feel the personal training is right for you and your goals, I will give you a full refund.  

I believe everyone is capable of being stronger & fitter than they think. With a free session and a money back guarantee if you want to stop after the first month, starting today is a no brainer.

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About Your Personal Trainer

Aaron Morton

"You're very patient"

"I chose you because your website said you wouldn't beast me"

"You just looked like weren't a kn%b"

These are 3 descriptions from my current clients on why they chose me over other personal trainers. I would say they are fairly accurate!

Over the 8 years training clients after studying sport science, I have learnt to train every client to their specific personalities. Each client is different and I train you so you feel comfortable, progressing and enjoying the session.

I do not beast my clients military style. I recognise you may have a aching back, a weak shoulder or a tight neck and we work to strengthen the body as a whole to help ease these areas.

All in all, I provide personal training for you to progress and regain confidence in your body...all while having a good conversation!

Notable qualifications:

  • Degree Sport Science
  • REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Qualified Nutritionist
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner
  • Qualified Hypnotherapist

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