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I Can Help You In 2 Ways

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Nutrition Consultancy

What you eat is the most vital part of getting lean & being healthier. Many get it wrong. Find out how you can get it right.

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Personal Training

I help people who aren't regular gym goers but want to improve how their body looks, feels and moves.

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Personal Trainer in Cardiff

What Is The One Area To Work On That Would Make The Biggest Difference To Your Health?


Over 7 years of training and coaching busy professionals I have discovered people can upgrade their health in 3 areas:

1 - Sorting out poor movement patterns created from long hours of sitting down that ultimately leads to joint pain (knees, back & neck) and muscle stiffness.

2 - Eliminating the triggers that lead to emotional eating and creating a new relationship around health that makes slimming easier and illness a rarity.

3 - Learning to handle stress & anxiety more efficiently, opening you up to more creativity and focus in your work.

As you look over these 3 areas, you may find one resonates more than the others. You may find you could do with working on all 3 of these areas. If either is the case, you are at the right place!

Your Brain and Body work as a system and how it functions over time is a lot to do with the decisions you make and the habits your create. At Aaron Morton Training I work with you to make sure you are using your brain and body in the most efficient way.

Too many people suffer with their pain, Too many people go about their day thinking their stiff joints is a sign of aging (its not), their constant dieting is a sign of no willpower (doesn't exist) and the constant barrage of stress is a sign they can't handle the pressure (also not true).

It's time to upgrade your health....Where do you want to start?

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