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Would You Like To Be Lean & Strong And Get Off The Yo-yo Diet Cycle Forever?

Special ‘Giveaway Contestants’ Offer

I’ve worked as a personal trainer for 7 years and in that time I’ve seen a lot of people who want to lose weight. As well as looking at what they eat and how they move, I also notice their psychology and the words they use.

It led me to conclude that, for a lot of people they stay trapped in the yo-yo dieting cycle without even realising it. They’ll say things like:

“I want to lose weight but I got no willpower”

“I need to lose weight before the summer”

“I’ve tried everything, Just tell me what to do”

These may seem like ordinary sentences but they reveal something about their psychology and where they are putting their attention.

I think you’ll agree, no one aspires to be on the yo-yo dieting cycle and yet many are – Something has to change.

That is why I’ve created this programme. A 6 week plan that works the body as it should; a system.

I provide you with a plan that incorporates 3 areas: Movement – Nutrition – Psychology.

Over 6 weeks you get:

    • 1 Session a week with me, in a group training environment at one of studios in Canton, Cathays or Whitchurch
    • An Exercise & movement programme you can do at home to compliment the training we do together
    • A 6 week nutrition plan so you know exactly what to eat over the 6 weeks
    • Access to my ‘Fundamentals of Fat Loss’ video series that gives you the exact knowledge you need to lose fat effectively.
    • Access to a private Facebook group where you get support and even more value on a daily basis.
    • Unlimited email access to me where you can have all your questions answered.

Now, many of you might be thinking “I’ve been on many plans before, is this going to be like all the others?” My answer to you is this;


On my 6 week plan, not only will you be with other people in the group session who are following the plan like you and be part of a private Facebook group, you’ll have access to the missing link that keeps people going back time and time again to dieting; the psychology.

Over the 6 weeks you will learn:

    • The most common mindset mistakes people make that guarantees they keep going back to dieting
    • Why your body will fight hard to get you BACK to your previous weight and what to do about it
    • What sugar does to the brain and why it is important NOT to eliminate it completely
    • The findings into the science of people who lost weight AND kept it off..Learn what they did
    • How to think in a way so you are your best cheerleader not worst enemy
    • The effect your friendship circle has on your weight
    • And much more!

Join me over the next 6 weeks!

You will get all the help you need to lose fat effectively, becoming slim & strong in the process.

Special Offer for Giveaway Contestants…

As a result of taking part in my recent giveaway I want to reward you for taking action. Normally I would charge £230 for this 6 week plan. However as a special offer you will get the whole 6 weeks for £130!

This is a great offer and unlikely I’ll offer it at this reduction again. I want to help you and reward you for being part of the giveaway.

When I started training with Aaron, I’d been working flat out for a year on a major project. Long hours and a whole heap of stress had left me fat and unhappy  but 15 months later I’m a man transformed (or so my partner tells me!). I’ve lost that stone of fat, put on a decent slab of muscle, my flexibility is greatly improved and I’m motivated to do more exercise and activities than I’ve done in a decade“. – David W

I want to get the sessions going as soon as possible so can only leave this offer open for the next 3 days.

If you have any questions fill in your details below and I’ll get back to you so you can ask any questions before committing.

If you are ready to fully commit to losing fat and getting lean over the next 6 weeks while ending the yo-yo dieting cycle forever, fill in your details below and I’ll tell you the next step!

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Aaron Morton Cardiff

Aaron’s knowledge not just of the body but also diet and other related subjects has been a real bonus and we have had many discussions on many topics! Fitness and performance is crucial to me, and Aaron has helped me achieve a greater level than I thought possible” – Tim B

Aaron Morton is the owner of Aaron Morton Training. For the last 7 years he has helped busy professionals get fit and lean. Through his experience both personal training and through therapy and coaching, Aaron helps provide physical, psychological & nutritional solutions to the challenges people face to being as healthy as they could be.

Aaron’s belief that you have to treat the body as a system means the training you receive draws elements from the latest findings in health & neuroscience findings as well as the latest fitness research.


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