Discover How You Can Move Better, Get Stronger & Feel Healthier With My Movement & Nutritional Assessment.

Special Offer Price For The Cardiff Pilates Studio Clients

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Take advantage of this special offer exclusive to clients of Cardiff Pilates Studio where you can experience my movement & nutritional assessment for £25 (Value – £95).

This assessment was designed after working with clients in personal training over 7 years after discovering how we move in everyday life transfers over to how we exercise.

Move badly in everyday life, move badly when exercising!

For example; Lets take the simple squat. You may see this as an exercise, but what do you do every time you sit down and get up from a chair? That’s right, you are performing a squat!

So, to get the most out of your exercise, you have to move in the correct way.

The problem is, many people are unaware they move inefficiently. Not just that, those niggling pains are constantly aggravated if you are moving in an inefficient way.

This is what the movement and nutritional assessment is all about – Highlighting the areas of your body that are vulnerable and contributing to poor movement & pain. As a client of Cardiff Pilates Studio, you get this for £25!

If you want to move better, have a stronger body and want to take advantage of this fantastic offer, please complete the form below and I will provide you with more information:

About Aaron Morton

Aaron Morton is the owner of Aaron Morton Training. For the last 7 years he has helped busy professionals get fit and upgrade their health. Through his experience both personal training and through therapy and coaching, Aaron helps provide physical, psychological & nutritional solutions to the challenges people face to being as healthy as they could be.

Aaron’s belief that you have to treat the body as a system means the training you receive draws elements from the latest findings in health & neuroscience findings as well as the latest fitness research

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