How To End Yo-Yo Dieting, Emotional Eating & Being Frustrated With Your Weight!

Introducing the coaching based approach to being slim & healthy

Would you like to approach your weight knowing:

  1. You’re in control
  2. You are happy with your body
  3. You eat without restriction

The truth is, most people who struggle with their weight rarely get to this point and the simple reason is:

They permanently live with a weight loss mindset

You know you are living this mindset if:

  • It feels like you are always on a diet.
  • You try to be good, but find yourself craving the “wrong” stuff.
  • You are more aware of the “bad”, “naughty” food than you are the “good”.
  • Your shopping trolley is full of food that says “reduced calories”, “low fat”, “under 500 calories” on it.
  • Your morning routine involves stepping on the scales hoping it is slightly less than it was yesterday.

All this creates a frustrating loop that ensures you stay struggling with your weight year upon year.

I’m here to tell you there is a different approach.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer and coach for over 7 years and the number one predictor of success with being slim and healthy is NOT what 90 day meal plan you are on, NOT how much more exercise you are doing, NOT what foods you cut out;

It is creating the mindset that allows healthy eating habits & behaviours to develop.

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The Slim by health programme is designed to provide a tailor made framework that works for YOU. It incorporates the latest in psychology, nutritional and neuroscience research to;

  • Remove the mental barriers that entice you back to your old eating habits.
  • Find your real “why”. The optimal motivation that keeps you focussed no matter what happens.
  • Reveal the unconscious influences to maintaining the status quo. These WANT you to continue yo-yo dieting!
  • Provide a nutritional protocol that works for you and your life demands

If you want to continue to yo-yo diet, criticise yourself constantly and complain to anyone who will listen that you have ┬áno willpower, then this isn’t the programme for you.

If you want to be slim AND healthy, putting an end to the cycle of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating that has frustrated you in the past then this is the programme you need.

Fill out your details below and I will provide you with details about the coaching and how to get started.



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