Thank you for taking part in this questionnaire on emotional eating. For 10 years I have worked with individuals on getting lean, strong and more confident in their body. One of the most common problems that can stop people in their tracks is emotional eating.

As a result I am conducting a project that seeks to help more people who health goals are hampered by emotional eating. I would love to hear about your experiences with emotional eating and would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out the short questionnaire below.

Once completed, as a thank you I will send you a professionally produced guided relaxation audio and a link to a facebook group specially for emotional eating as I build on this project. If you want to be part of that group, just follow the link.

Thank you again for sharing with me your experiences with emotional eating.

4. In what circumstances do you tend to emotionally eat?
5. Does emotional eating co-incide with when you diet?
7. Are you at a weight you are content with?
8. Is sustainable weight loss still something you hope to achieve?
9. Do you find emotional eating a barrier to being at a weight you want?
16. Check the box of the statements you agree with;

What is your Everyday Health Score?