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Is Personal Development Holding You Back?

Are you or have you experienced Seminar junkies? They Spend thousands on seminars and books on personal development and as soon as one seminar finishes they’ve book onto another.


The personal development game became huge in the early 80’s with the human potential movement. Now with the internet we are certainly in an age of information overload.


With our awareness of the potential we all have as humans it is easy to set the frame in our mind that we are lacking in some way. That we never quite match up to our potential and so the solution is to go to another personal development seminar or read another book to find the answer.


Now I think there is great value in personal development. Just like we become more informed by discovering how the world works, by becoming more aware of how we work as humans can highlight areas for improvement. I love personal development and find myself more informed as a result.



The Problem With Personal Development


The problem I see with personal development is two fold:


With the abundance of information circulating, the quality is being diluted right down to the point where we articles on ‘100 ways to be more happy’. How about 1 way done consistently?


– From the recipient perspective, they can get high on inspiration but shy on implementation.


Inspiration is a cluster of emotions and like all emotions they will be triggered, reach a peak and then diminish. So you can be inspired by personal development but eventually that inspiration will dissipate.


In order to develop personally, there has to be a requirement for something to happen after the inspiration. What is this inspiration going to prompt you to do?


Turn That Inspiration Into Action


Here are 2 simple questions you can ask yourself when you get inspired?


What am I being inspired to do?


– What is easiest thing I can do right now to begin?


There is an aspect of personal development that prompts you to be more aware and to accept your present state whether that be anger, fear etc. At first it would seem to suggest you don’t have to do anything.


However in order for this to be a worthy revelation for you it would imply that you are not currently doing this on a habitual level and so the act of being more aware or to be more accepting is the act you are being inspired to do


What do you think about personal development? How do you use it?

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