Avoid The Mistakes 99% of Those Who Exercise Make And Get Strong, More Flexible…Saying Goodbye To Those Niggling Joint Pain In The Process!

Most people approach fitness in all the wrong way!

The modern workplace creates a breeding ground for injury, pain and making your body week.

The solution tends to be either brushing off the dust on your running shoes or ripping out a workout plan from a health magazine.

Whilst it is commendable of you to want to get active, the problem with these approaches is they are more likely to cause injury!


  1. You spend a long period of time sat down
  2. You have noticed niggling bouts of muscle stiffness and joint pain (back, knee, shoulders etc) are becoming more common
  3. You are feeling less fit than you did 2 years ago

then it is vital you train your body in a way specific way.

My name is Aaron Morton and I help busy professionals make their body’s strong, flexible and fit.

For the last 7 years I have worked with Lawyers, Managing directors, Retirees and everyone in between to counter the damaging health effects of a  desk bound workplace. From poor posture to persistent back pain, I have helped individuals:

  • Highlight where their body trouble spots are that contribute to pain
  • Increase mobility so muscle stiffness reduces
  • Create a noticable difference in core stability that they then apply in leisure pursuits like hockey, running and cycling for example
  • Build real, whole body strength that will never come from bicep curls and abdominal crunches!

So, let me ask you a question;

Do you feel your stiff muscles getting achingly stiffer whenever you stand up and move?

Have you had to stop or reduce doing what you enjoy (like running, golf etc) because of joint pain?

Do you want to get fit but step into a gym and get so overwhelmed you end up doing bicep curls and 30 boring minutes on the cross trainer?

With each passing year, have you noticed your fitness deteriorating along with your posture?

If you are nodding ‘yes’ to each of these questions and you have decided NOW is finally the time to do something about it, this programme is for you.

If you want to make changes in your physical health, this is how the process works:

  1. You complete the small form below to notify me of your interest.
  2. Look out in your inbox as I will send you a short questionnaire to let me know of your current situation.
  3. After a short telephone call, if you decide you want to continue we will book in for the comprehensive movement assessment which provides a snapshot of the health of your body in movement.
  4. With the results of your movement assessment, we will formally begin the personal training with a framework specific to you to work by.

The time to take action is now, fill in the form below and lets get started….

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