Are You Ready To Regain Your Fitness?

Are You Ready To Regain Your Fitness?

How would you like to feel stronger, fitter and look great in your favourite clothing?

Hi, my name is Aaron Morton and for the last 5 years I have helped busy professionals upgrade their health and regain their fitness.

Most of my clients started with a similar story before seeing me;

  • Their work meant long periods of time sat down and were starting to notice their muscles & joints becoming more painful & stiff.
  • They wanted to get fit but didn’t know what to do in the gym or became bored with the same routine so they stopped.
  • They looked in the mirror or tried on new clothes and nothing seemed to fit that well.
  • To top it all, they noticed their waistline expanding.

Can you identify with this? Would you like to be stronger, fitter and not feel so stiff when you stand up?

“I began working with Aaron in Oct 2015 following a prolonged period of back pain. Aaron trained me with a programme consisting of various resistance, balance and flexibility exercises. Over the last 12 months my back pain has reduced considerably and I have been able to shift my focus to general conditioning and sport specific exercises”. – David G (Bank Of Ireland)

Many Personal Trainers Get It Wrong

You come in asking to get fitter and they put you on a treadmill for an hour or give you a programme that will only work for a bodybuilder but get you injured.

At Aaron Morton Training, the very first thing you’ll do is a comprehensive, full body movement assessment. This will help us highlight 3 important factors:

  1. Where your body is strongest but vitally its weak areas where you are vulnerable to injury.
  2. What type of programme is best for YOU.
  3. What exercises & drills I will provide you with outside of the personal training sessions for even greater results.

Your body achieves its optimal fitness when it moves effectively and trained in the right way.

When you train your body in the right way, you look better, feel better and realise your body is more capable that you thought it was;

  • I’ve trained a 70 year old to a level where he could still go on walking holidays and outpace people much younger than him.
  • I’ve trained people who didn’t think they could run again to a point where they getting personal bests’.
  • I’ve helped people lose weight and become more confident in their body, finally wearing the clothing they really want to wear.

This is not personal training where I put you on the treadmill for the whole session

This isĀ not personal training where I scream at you, tell you ‘no pain no gain’ and have you crawling in pain out the door.

This IS personal training where you get fitter, stronger and discover what your body is capable of!

I’m Interested, What do I do next?

You want to get fit, lose body fat and be strong?

Great! The next step is to fill in the short form below OR call/text 0292 196 1020.

Where the training takes place?

I want to make this the easiest possible decision for you to train with Aaron Morton Training, so there are two options for training venues:

  1. The comfort of your own home. Yes, I will come to you and train you in your own home. You have the space, I have the equipment! (note: This is only available if you are within a 10 mile radius of Cathays).
  2. Stretchy Suzie’s Yoga Studio in Cathays.

Let’s Get Started Regaining Your Fitness!




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