What Would You Do Differently If Stress & Anxiety Didn’t Cloud Your Thinking?


Let me ask you a question, can you identify with the following?

  • You end the week feeling knackered due to the amount of mental strain you feel under.
  • You dread the next email or deadline as you feel you can’t cope at times.
  • You worry people will think you can’t hack it if you say anything.
  • You sometimes wake up in the early hours and find it hard getting back to sleep.
  • Scenarios continually play in your mind which makes things worse.

Did you say ‘Yes’ to any of these?

If so, I want to help you discover how you can use your brain more efficiently, more creatively and perform at your best.

My name is Aaron Morton and over the last 6 years I have helped people use their brains more effectively.

Picture of Aaron Morton looking confident

Stress & anxiety is becoming a real problem in the workplace and in our everyday lives. It affects our relationships, our health and over time, how we view ourselves.

In the UK, up to 9.9 million workdays are lost due to stress related illness. But here’s the thing;

Stress & Anxiety are a NORMAL part of being a human being!

If we didn’t experience ANY stress & anxiety, we wouldn’t do anything and quite likely as a human race we’d be extinct!

The problem ISN’T stress & anxiety, The problem is the LEVEL & FREQUENCY at which you experience it.

Introducing Stress Less Live More…

In this programme, I work with you to firstly limit stress & anxiety and secondly learn how to use your mind in a way that opens up creativity, flexibility and focus.

This programme is about training your mind to think and perform in a more efficient way so when challenging situations come up you remain in control rather than IT control you & your thoughts.

I will help you do this!

Using NLP, hypnosis and the latest findings in Neuroscience & peak performance, I will take you through a process that;

  • Shows you how to be in more control of your feelings
  • Develops your focus & attention on what is important rather what is wrong
  • Tunes up your creative juices for improved problem solving & planning
  • Simple exercises to help you be calm & relaxed in minutes
  • Learn how to deal with stress & anxiety in an effective way rather than letting it fester

How the programme works:

  1. You fill out the “i’m interested box below”
  2. Within the next few hours, I will send you a short questionnaire where I ask you a series of questions related to your situation
  3. Once I receive the questionnaire, we will have a short telephone call where I’ll ask a couple of questions and will give you an opportunity to ask any questions of me. A large indicator of programme success is the relationship between client & therapist. The call provides a good opportunity to see if we can both work together. Because of this I can’t guarantee I will work with you until we have this call.
  4. If you and I are happy to proceed we will book our first session in. The average amount of sessions required is between 3-4 sessions.

How much longer do you want stress & anxiety affecting your day to day life? Fill in the form below and lets get started…

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