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Why is Self-Confidence important?

By Aaron Morton

In 2005, an 18 year old man from Scotland walked onto the tennis court to take part in his first Wimbledon competition. Having impressed in the junior competitions, many saw Andy Murray as the new hope to Britain having a tennis champion. With each year, Murray was gaining a reputation for being one of the top players in the world and in 2008 he appeared in the US open final, coming runner up against Roger Federer.

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What is Self-Confidence?

By Aaron Morton

How certain are you that the sun will rise tomorrow?

How certain are you that the answer to the sum 2+2 is 4?

There are some things we can be certain of, some things that are unquestionable and our behaviour follows. Think about the film character James Bond; Whenever he enters a situation, no matter how dangerous, he enters with a certainty that tells you he is going to be walking out alive. Of course we know its a film, but he drags us in to his sense of certainty that he is going to dish out an ass kicking.

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