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Would You Like To Have A Fit, Strong Body?

Thank you for coming to Aaron Morton Training. The fact you are on this page means you have experienced similar issues to my clients before starting with me:

  • You are not completely happy with how your body is right now.
  • Maybe you don’t feel as fit as you once did.
  • You’ve tried to exercise on your own but get a sense you are not doing it right.

Sometimes these issues get passed off as “I’ll deal with it later” issues. Yet, as time goes on these issues don’t go away. In fact, they appear to be getting worse!

It is true, health and fitness can be frustrating. If its not being unhappy with what you see in the mirror it is the little cues your fitness levels are slipping away like feeling out of breath when you walk up the stairs or the occasional pain in your back.

I want to help you reach your fitness goals..

“I began working with Aaron in Oct 2015 following a prolonged period of back pain. Aaron trained me with a programme consisting of various resistance, balance and flexibility exercises. Over the last 12 months my back pain has reduced considerably and I have been able to shift my focus to general conditioning and sport specific exercises”. – David G (Bank Of Ireland)

As your personal trainer I will work with you to:

  • Strengthen your body  as a whole (No routines you find in magazines that are more geared for bodybuilders)
  • Loosen your muscles so you feel less stiff and more mobile
  • Improve your core stability the RIGHT way. This means you won’t be doing 100’s of sit-ups!
  • Feel fitter by learning to use your body more efficiently

You may want to lose the excess fat around your waist & hips, you may have a desire to run a half marathon or you may just want to finish the day feeling like you’ve still got some energy!

All of this is A LOT easier when your body works more efficiently.

The Personal Training Process

Before we start I will conduct a thorough and comprehensive movement assessment that seeks to give a snapshot of how your body moves and what are the most vulnerable areas that can lead to injury. If you are wanting to lose weight I will also request a 1 week food diary to get a snap shot of your eating habits.

I provide packages for 1-2-1 personal training or group training (usually with max of 2 other people)

Do You Want To Get Fit? This is what you need to do next:

  1. Fill in the form below to express your interest
  2. I will send you a questionnaire to give me an idea of where you’re at right now in terms of fitness, training experience and what you’d like to get out of personal training
  3. I will contact you to set up a short call to ask any questions and for you to ask any questions to me
  4. From here if you want to continue and I feel I can help you with what you want we get begin!

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About Your Personal Trainer:

Aaron Morton Cardiff


Aaron Morton is a personal trainer and coach who, for the last 7 years, has worked with busy professionals in getting them fit, strong and more flexible. Many were experiencing a loss in fitness, an increase in waistline and not feeling their best.

Using approaches not regularly seen in mainstream gyms, Aaron works with clients to get them moving better, feel stronger with more energy to enjoy their daily lives.

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