March 24

Willpower Is A Myth & Why Change Can Be Hard.


Confidence involves change. It might be a thought, a behaviour and/or a different way of looking at the world. Sometimes this can be hard and some consider this a result of ‘no willpower’. In this video, I explain a concept that shows you why some people never quite get the change they want.

In this short 10 minute video I talk about:

  • Why people don’t actually want confidence and what that means for the change process
  • A study from Stanford university that explains the hidden road blocks in people’s ability to change
  • Why willpower is a myth and what ego depletion is.
  • 3 factors that MUST be present if you have any chance of change sticking.

Any questions let me know and If you’d like me to cover anything in the video blog relating to the psychology of confidence, peak performance and turning ideas into reality, email me.



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