August 27

Episode 1: What does Work Proof Your Brain & Body Mean?



An introduction to Work Proof Your Brain & Body (0:22)

  • Personal Trainer for over 10 years helping people work proof brain & body.
  • Also a hypnotherapist and nutritionist
  • Informed my worldview in health and fitness.

You CAN change and upgrade your health and fitness as a busy professional (0:39)

  • The Story of “Bob” and how he changed his health.
  • “Bob” gradually changed his lifestyle to live healthier over time, rather than making drastic changes overnight.

What is meant by “Work Proof Your Brain & Body” (04:58)

  • Creating systems where your work, health and fitness can coexist

This is not about “anti-work” (05:16)

  • Work-proofing your body is about mastering movement, protecting your brain and working smart.
  • Three areas not currently being paid attention to at present.

Obesity as a health risk, and other lifestyle issues (06:02)

  • Globally, obesity is linked to more deaths than malnutrition.
  • Known as non-communicable diseases.
  • A large number of the deaths come from type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.
  • Lower back pain is a common issue, and a leading cause of disability.
  • All of that is before we even get to brain, and mental health issues

Brain and mental health issues (07:28)

  • Literally a tornado power-driving through the world.
  • Depression is a leading form of disability worldwide.
  • In the UK, work-related stress, depression and anxiety accounts for 44% of work-related illness and 54% of lost working days.
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What is meant by ‘health and work coexisting’? (09:16)

  • Aaron talks about two different clients who were both lawyers, comparing their mindset and actions in regards to health and fitness.

The solution is to have systems in place, aka “everyday health” (14:10)

  • Nurturing a strong foundation of health and fitness.
  • Growing more confident in what your body and brain can do.

The main points that these podcasts will focus on (15:00)

  • Psychology, movement, stress control, sleep quality and nutrition.
  • And also other areas that are important for health, like societal matter

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